I’m an Iranian student currently residing in the Netherlands.



  1. amir said

    Salaam ,

    I hope everything is well , I just wanted to ask you , if you know what happened to tehran broadcast , the site has not been updated for a while .


    • Sara said

      Thank you. I am well, just a bit too busy/lazy/depressed to update frequently.
      I am also not sure what has happened to it. I am an editor there, so my main job was not translation (though I did do some articles myself). At some point there was no more input from the translators. I think it’s just difficult to keep up such a site when everyone is volunteering. We even had some plans for improving the procedure and the managers wanted to work some more on the organization/design I think, but I don’t know what became of that … I hope it becomes active again soon.

      • amir said

        Hello Sara ,

        Khasteh nabashid , I hope you become less busy/lazy and certainly less depressed and continue your good work here. Is it possible to send you an email ? ,



  2. Sara said

    Thank you.
    email: the name of this blog (first part of url, before the dot) @ gmail.com

  3. Chiara said

    Hi Sara–I hope you find the energy to post, your posts are always so insightful! Composing them might help with your feelings too. All the best!

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