Appeal to international organizations: Ebrahim Yazdi’s life is in danger!

Ebrahim Yazdi

I’ve translated this short news piece for Khordaad88.

Source: (Jaras)

Friends and relatives of Dr. Ebrahim Yazdi have expressed concern over the state of his health and have appealed to international organizations for help in his release.

Based on the reports of a Jaras reporter from Tehran, Yazdi, a member of the Islamic Revolution Council, has been spotted in prison attire and with a very dire physical appearance in the revolutionary court in Moalem street early last week. He had been brought there in order to extend his temporary arrest warrant. Additionally, last week the family of this foreign minister of Iran’s post-revolution Interim Government was asked to bring him medicine and personal hygiene items. Dr. Yazdi is 79 years old and suffers from several diseases; he travelled abroad to undergo chemotherapy treatment a couple of years ago and had a surgical operation a few months ago.

Yazdi’s family and friends are seriously concerned for his health. A member of the Freedom Movement of Iran who wished to remain anonymous told the Jaras reporter: “We plead to all those who care about humanity and human rights organizations to help free our leader from prison so he can proceed with his medical treatment. His life is in danger”. Dr. Yazdi was arrested for the third time during the past year at his personal residence in Tehran at 3AM on the 28th of December 2009 (the day after the bloody Ashura protests) by officials of the Intelligence Ministry.

The Iranian government has completely prohibited all political activities of the oldest Islamic political party in Iran since two weeks ago in an act that is against the Iranian constitution. They have also arrested several of it’s members and even some family family members of the party leaders. Yazdi was also arrested during the aftermath of the presidential elections last year, for 72 hours while he was hospitalized. some say that he is the oldest prisoner in Iran.

I wrote about Dr. Yazdi before here.


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