My dear professor

There was news last Wednesday night that 70 University professors were arrested after a private meeting with Mousavi (see here and here). There were quite a few of my professors and those I knew among them, but fortunately all but four of them were freed the next day. The name of one or two of these [still detained] was announced, which I knew, but not very closely. I’ve just heard that another one may be one of my advisors who I worked with and was very close to. It makes perfect sense because he was one of the most politically active professors in the university and a reformist, but I am still not sure about the news. Not that it was not already a disaster, but hearing news like this about someone you know and care about personally makes it feel so much more real all of a sudden.

I’ll update this if the news is not confirmed.

Update: Confirmed. He is still in prison. A committee of the professors have been working for their release as well as detained students’ release. Students also had a sit-in demanding their release today [Wednesday, July 1].

Update 2: He has been released one or two days ago, thank god. [Saturday, Juli 4]



  1. Chiara said

    I’m so sorry that this is affecting someone you know and care about so personally. Rounding up the intelligentsia is repressive regime 101–as you probably already know too well. I hope all are released safely and soon.

  2. Jehanzeb said

    I agree with Chiara, and I’m sorry to hear this too. This is intolerable. I pray that they are released safely, insha’Allah.

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