I am waiting for ayatollah Khamenei to start his sermons at the Tehran Friday prayers right now.

Listening to any rhetoric from them, AN, anything from the Iranian state tv, … these days makes me sick, physically and psychologically. This speech will have a great impact on what course the events will take from now on, I really wish we would at least hear a change of tone today, but am not that hopeful. So I hope it would not be as I anticipate it. What I want to share now is how I feel right now.

Listening to this sort of rhetoric humiliates you, it’s lying to your face, making everything look upside-down. It not only disregards your intelligence, but you dignity. Now I feel that there is a blow on the way, and I have to take it, I prefer to listen than to remain guessing. It’s like knowing that someone will rape you, and that there will be nothing that you can do, you just have to take it.

I fight these feelings and overcome them each time, we will be persistent on what we want. We are not just taking it anymore, we are making our voices heard. But frankly it still doesn’t help me very much to not feel like this right now. I just have one question:

Isn’t making someone feel like this a crime?



  1. Sara said

    it was as bad as it could be … no energy left to write about it now … suffering trauma after the actual abuse

  2. Chiara said

    It was dreadful, but the Western response, measured support for the protesters, while avoiding giving a pretext to the regime, is heartening. Shirin Ebadi’s recommendation to declare these elections null and void, and to hold new elections under UN supervision is an excellent one. Jimmy Carter, among others, would be respected observers. Unlikely to happen though. Ebadi also recommended the 500 newly imprisoned “political” prisoners. Another excellent suggestion.

    Superb pictures on the BBC International News site of the dignity and effectiveness of the protesters:
    In pictures: Iran protests

  3. Sarah said

    sara, i’m writing from montreal. we are all watching and urging the media here to report on this in a way that really reflects what’s going on. there have been several huge, amazing rallies of support (with iranians and many supporters) being held in toronto and montreal over the past few days. stay strong!! the whole world stands with you in solidarity!!

  4. Chiara said

    Sara, I agree with Sarah!!!

  5. Sara said

    Thanks Sarah and Chiara!
    You give me so much positive energy 🙂
    don’t misinterpret my post, I am not afraid, worried yes, worried that there may be bloodshed, particularly since I’m not there and my dear ones are in harms way, but afraid, not at all. people in iran that i talk with are so much stronger than me.
    this was just a glimpse of how it feels sometimes.
    The rallies for today are crucial we don’t know what will happen, if the huge crowds show up today too, which i think they will, then we are in a new stage and it means no one would back up. but there are reports of an unprecedented number of forces in the streets, so it may get really violent.
    let’s pray that no one is harmed.

  6. Chiara said


    I was encouraging you to be courageous about your worries more than fears, although fears would be well-founded.

    By now you are probably aware of the violence against the demonstrators. I have to wonder about professional government adjatators giving an excuse to abuse the rest. It happens in a variety of places, including squeaky clean Canada where obvious RCMP undercover plants were attempting to create violent responses in a peaceful demonstration. They were detected and “outed”. I hope as bad as the beatings today are there are no “rubber bullets” ie real bullets and disappeared bodies (as has happened elsewhere).

    I think the world will be forced into greater support of the Iranian people, both by sympathy demonstrations and government statements, and UN actions.

    Thank you for providing an outlet for these distressing feelings about what is happening in Iran.

    Stay courageous and safe. (what country/continent are you in?)

    • Sara said

      Thanks Chiara!
      All this feedback from ppl all around the world is extremely moving.
      It is getting really ugly. There has been more killings.
      They are trying to accuse people of being supported by terrorist dissidents (like the Mojahedin Khagh), the lies are so outrageous that you don’t know what to say. They have also staged bombings, just as their head had threatened yesterday.

      Nobody is backing up, though, Mousavi has just given a new statement, he has turned out to be an awesome leader.
      Maybe you would like to check this out:

      I currently live in the Netherlands.

  7. Chiara said


    It is getting ugly, indeed. I am well aware of the staging of incidents that goes on in some countries to justify the most brutal of oppressions. Demonstrations in Casablanca were reported in the news as riots, that required “rubber bullets” for dispersal, except that in fact (family witnessed it) the bullets were real, and the bodies never returned so no one could prove it.

    Broken Mystic, an excellent blogger has created this new blog to share socio-political views including on the current situation in Iran, called Muslim Reverie. He has video taped a demonstration he attended in the US.
    The link is : http://muslimreverie.wordpress.com/

    I’ve also told him about your site, and I’ll check out your link.

    Moussavi and his wife are amazingly courageous.

    Since you are in the Netherlands, you must be well in tune with what happens in Den Hague.

    All the best


    • Sara said

      yeah, I went to den haag twice, and now off to another local event … thanks for the link ..

  8. Chiara said

    Sara–how are you doing? I think Neda’s death is so shocking, the world that wasn’t paying attention now is. The BBC, CNN and other major news outlets are covering events more fully.

    Take care

    • Sara said

      I’m ok, thanks for asking 🙂

      I’ll try to post something tonight.

  9. Chiara said

    Glad to hear it, both the okay and the future posting.

    Between Neda, Obama’s new statement, and Reza Pahlavi’s commentary there is much to discuss.

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