Silent demonstrations on Tuesday

What is most interesting and makes me very hopeful and optimistic about the Green movement in these days is how amazingly peaceful they manage to remain amongst all the efforts ti drag them into violence.

Today (actually yesterday …) Mousavi (and other reformists) called off the demonstrations they were planning to have in Valiasr square after the government tried to stage clashes by asking “those whose property has been destroyed in the recent riots” to come to the same place at an overlapping time slot. They managed to spread the word for them to gather in front of the state television buildings, and the thousands that came spread across several kilometers (I’ve heard from people that were crowds all the way down to Saee park, which would be roughly around 5 kilometers, but that was word of mouth so I’m not sute).
The demonstrations were supposed to be a “silent demonstration”, people just going there, and not shouting any slogans or singing songs. But what really surprised me was silent the crowd actually was. take a look at the video below. This maturity is so amazing, remember that at least 8 of these people were confirmed to have died in an otherwise just as peaceful demonstration yesterday, and they still are not getting engry. Bravo!


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