Link: Irregularities in the “provincial outcomes” + some quick stuff

I have wanted take a closer look at the provincial outcomes ever since they were announced, but just don’t find any time, but this is making the rounds:

Iran Does Have Some Fishy Numbers

I am also adding this to the first post about cheating:

Faulty Election Data

And a quick update: guess you have heard that there is a ban on reporters covering the rallies, now all footage is coming from citizen journalists, through the web. Wish them the best. There is another rally planned for today, Wednesday, 5 PM, at Hafte-e Tir square, if everything goes right.



  1. Ikram Hadi said

    May Allah keep the evil of all this from the good people. These are bad times.

  2. Chiara said

    All the best in your efforts. This is an excellent blog. The banning of international reporters speaks volumes to the world about the actions of the government, and builds support. Christianne Amanpour and CNN become a boon in these situations. Courage, and salaam.

    • Sara said

      Thanks Chiara!
      I sort of know you from your comments in Suroor’s weblog 🙂

  3. hadi amin said

    yas oki

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