June 15 Protests in Iran

There have been massive protests in Iran yesterday, in various cities. The crowd in Tehran was huge, news agencies reported hundreds of thousands. It was also amazingly peaceful. I was deeply moved and could finally smile after three days. They did, although leave a bitter taste in our mouth. The plainclothesed basij militia opened fire on the crowd towards the end, at least one person was killed (as reported by Routers) [later they reported that there were 8 dead! OMG!]. Such a crowd has never been seen in Iran since the days of the 1979 revolution. The only large demonstrations that ever took place in these years were state-organized ones. The largest independent protest in these years was the student protests originating from attacks on the Tehran University dorm by police and militia groups in 1999 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iran_student_protests,_July_1999), which were much less widespread than these demonstrations and mostly involved university students.

The protests were so huge that they went changed the power dynamics very much. I will write about that soon.

The situation changes so fast that as soon as I write my analysis on it, something changes and I have to add stuff again.

Link for photo.


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